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Signed print and lithograph

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“Wide Horizon – Tundra Swans” by Robert Batman – print and lithograph

Print: Signed print, numbered 541 of 2862   Wood frame: 39.5″ x 30″

Lithograph: Signed and numbered 464 of 950   Frame: 24″ x 18″

This is the 1990 National Fish and Wildlife Stamp Print. In this scene, I have shown the male standing guard and the female sheltering the downy, newly hatched cygnets. Since the purpose of this image is for conservation and environmental work, I wanted to show the on-guard stance and the hope embodied in the coming generation. The tundra swan is a recent name given to the whistling swan; the new name is far more appropriate. First of all, these birds do not whistle. Their cry is a kind of sonorous, clarion-like yodel; secondly, they do live almost entirely on the tundra regions of North America during the breeding season. – Robert Bateman

It includes the large print and the Original Lithograph
Wide Horizon – Tundra Swans – Companion Edition
by Robert Bateman