Creative Lettering and Calligraphy | 6 Stylish Projects to Create


Six stylish projects to create! Set includes instruction book, art pad, watercolour brush pens, waterproof ink pen, tags, card stock and more.

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Discover the art of beautiful writing!

Learn the elegance and beauty of calligraphy, transform your favourite quote into a unique piece of art, or truly personalize a card or gift for a loved one with a hand-embellishment script. With pages full of lettering styles and decorative flourishes to choose from and trace, you can create professional-looking pieces of written art and be inspired to dream up your own unique designs. Full of handy tips and techniques, this kit makes it easy to add a personal touch to anything you write!

This kit includes:

  • instruction book
  • 1 art pad
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 white coloured pencil
  • template sheets
  • tracing paper
  • gift tags
  • 3 watercolour brush pens
  • 1 canvas panel
  • 1 gold gel pen
  • 1 waterproof ink fine-tip pen
  • 1 calligraphy cartridge pen and ink
  • card stock and envelope